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Through the product factory we have developed, we (co) create insurance and service products between 30 and 90 days.

Our products are plug & play, self-scalable with automated claim triggering.

Don’t wait any longer and try Moonshot-Internet!


Flight delay

Give your customers the experience of a peaceful trip with our product flight delay!

Thanks to our databases, we detect in real time the delay of your flight (at departure or arrival) and send by email or SMS a privileged access to a lounge, member of our partner network. Our algorithms allow us to adjust the price of insurance according to your customers and in real time.

Mobile Broken Screen

With just a few clicks via our chatbot, your customers will be able to secure their mobile screen!

In the event of a disaster, a simple photo is enough and he receives direct compensation allowing him to have his screen repaired! No more paperwork and weeks without a phone.

Missed Connection

We complete our range of products to accompany your customer throughout the duration of his trip.

In case of a missed connection and thanks to our databases, we automatically deduct your client or give him access by email or SMS to a partner lounge to allow him to continue his journey with confidence.

Late delivery

Do you want to offer your customers a unique and tailor-made service?

Because customers are more and more demanding, delivery times are shorter: we track the shipment in real time. In the event of a late delivery we can send an email or SMS to compensate your client without any intervention on his/her part!

Shipping Return

Offer your customers the best service’s quality with the possibility of subscribing the return package option.

In a few clicks the customer wishing to return his package has the possibility to book a free service of home care to return his package!